Reviews from our Customers

We have received so many lovely reviews from our customers. Below are some of them which we believe answer the question, Why iVendre? We hope you have the time to read some or all of them. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you would like more information. 

lovely house in France
We asked iVendre to help us sell our house after many years of trying and getting nowhere with Estate Agents. iVendre helped us achieve our sale in December 2020. A lot has, rightly, been said about the quality of the webpages they produce at an amazing price, but we would like to comment on the wonderful support they gave us throughout the process. Our French was almost non existent but Julia’s fluency and knowledge of property law and valuation gave us the hand holding we needed. She explained everything in simple terms and was always at the end of the phone when needed. Graham, as a qualified accountant, helped us to understand how we would get more pounds from our sale, due to exchange rate changes, even though we were selling at a loss on what we paid for the house. My husband has serious health issues so it was a massive relief when Graham offered to take things to the decheterie in his van. The support we received throughout from Julia and Graham was wonderful and certainly took a lot of the pressure from me. We can’t thank them, or recommend them, enough.
by Simpson
We decided to sell our holiday home in France and a friend introduced us to Julia and Graham from iVendre. They explained the service they provided and how they could help with translation etc. They produced two first class webpages for us, in French and English, with lots of photos and description of our property that were shown on their website and various Facebook groups. They also placed an advert, in French, on our behalf which was quickly followed up with a viewing and an offer being made. Unfortunately, that offer fell through so iVendre placed another advert on our behalf. Within a week we had another viewing and an offer which was accepted and the sale went through. We managed to also get the offer increased when the buyer was reminded that they were saving thousands, not having to pay any Estate Agent fees. We used Julia to give us the translation support we needed and she was excellent at keeping us informed throughout the process. Great service.
by Pete Sue
I wish that I had used iVendre earlier to help sell my property privately. I sold my property using a British Estate Agency in France, and both I and the buyers experienced considerable communication issues during the sale process. I contacted iVendre to help us. They definitely offer an exceptional value for money and unique, comprehensive bilingual service and also have invaluable knowledge, contacts and provide excellent back up and advice to their clients. Using them to sell privately, eliminates the very expensive sales agents fees which would probably have given me a better offer from the buyers.
by Rob
The whole sale went through very smoothly, with Julia doing all our translations, and helping us every step of the way. Julia and Graham were so helpful, professional, and patient, nothing was ever a bother for them. We could not have done it all, so seamlessly, without them and we used Julia for translations after the sale when we bought our house in the UK and had to prove the source of the funds. We would thoroughly recommend them, for anyone selling a property in France, a truly professional company.
by Annex
We reluctantly needed to move back to the UK and had to sell our house. We were in a stressful situation so used iVendre to assist us in selling the property. They produced for us two web pages, in English and French, which really showed our house in the best way. In addition to adverts in France, our family advertised the web pages for us in the UK and Holland and this led to people coming to view. The support we received from iVendre was incredible, they did everything possible to take the pressure off us and were always ready to help. Our command of French was limited and it was so good to have someone with Julia's fluency, and total trustworthiness, to help with all the viewings and subsequent technical and administrative aspects of the sale. iVendre do emphasise that they’re not estate agents, and as a result you don’t have to pay them any commission once you’ve sold, but if you are looking to sell your house then we would 100% recommend them to help you.
by GerryAnn
Friends recommended a business called iVendre when I said I wanted to sell my house as soon as possible and was loathe to use Estate Agents. I decided to give them a try to see if they could help me get a quick sale. They produced two great web pages for me, one in French and one in English and advertised the property on a Saturday. The first advert is included in their price. By Tuesday I had three people asking to view and sold to the first viewer on the Wednesday at the full asking price. iVendre do not charge any commission at any stage. I continued to use iVendre’s services to assist me with translation throughout the selling process, Julia is fluent in French and knowledgeable of the various things needed. It was the ‘hand-holding’ support that I really needed. Anyone wanting to sell their property should seriously consider using iVendre. I thoroughly recommend them.
by GM
Reviews from our customers
iVendre helped us to produce our house for sale web page in English and in French in a very professional and friendly manner. They made sure our house was well presented and the web page link was given as a follow up to enquirers. This resulted in serious viewings and fewer time wasters. iVendre even helped us with translation during viewings which we are sure was a big help to our potential purchasers.
by Brightlandisee

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