author The virtual estate agency!

Would you please send me a proposal for the creation of my web page in French containing:

§ a description of all the rooms, outbuildings and grounds,
§ the dimensions of the rooms in square metres taken from a height of 1.8m from the floor (legal requirement).
§ the total habitable surface area of the property from a height of 1.8m,
§ the surface area of outbuildings in square metres,
§ the surface are of land in square metres,
§ the year of construction (if known),
§ the energy and environmental diagnostics classifications,
§ the property price,
§ your contact name and email address for the contact form,
§ up to 20 photos,
§ 1 video (if available)
§ 4 flyers showing your property for you to distribute

I look forward to receiving the proposal by email in the next few days.