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Property Sale French English Translations

Help with property sale and purchase French English translations is vital if your French language skill is lacking. Especially with the legal terminology used during the French conveyancing process.

When you receive an offer from a French private buyer, or make an offer to a French seller, there are formalities to follow in French. The buyer needs to send a proposition letter containing set phrases. We prepare a standard letter for you in French and an English translation.  

iVendre can translate all the communications from French into English and vice verse for: 

Contact enquiries by potential French purchasers

Viewings (even via video)


The formal offer letter

Notaire emails and telephone calls

Proxy creation

The Compromis (Promesse) de vente

The Acte de Vente


We can be there in person for you too or via video conferencing. 

Translations do not stop after the sale of your property either. We can contact all your utility suppliers and prepare letters to insurance companies etc. to notify them that you have sold your property.

Protection of your private information is of an equal priority to us as the provision of quality translations.

If you need our help with property sale French English translations, there is a contact form below. You can use this to provide us with your contact information or simply email us on

If you prefer to talk to us, please feel free to call Julia on 0033 (0)604481811, which is a French mobile phone, or on our UK mobile phone 0044 (0)7873723569.

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