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Our English / French Support Service for property buyers and sellers is vital if your French language is lacking the legal terminology and you do not know the procedures. 

For example, when you receive an offer from a French private buyer, or you make an offer to a French seller, there are formalities to follow in French. We prepare everything for you in French and an English translation and then guide you through the French legal conveyancing process, translating everything for you. 

For more information about our service there is a Contact Us form below. 

iVendre translates all the communications from French into English and vice verse for: 

  • Promotion of your house for sale on media platforms other than iVendre.com*
  • Contact enquiries with potential French purchasers / sellers
  • Organising and translating mandatory diagnostics
  • Communications with the buyer / seller
  • The formal offer letter
  • Notaire emails and telephone calls
  • The Compromis / Promesse de vente
  • The Acte de Vente
  • Proxy creation where you cannot be present to sign
  • An Acte de Succession (Inheritance)
  • Set up and cancellation of utility services and insurance etc.

*additional advertising charges may apply

We can be there in person for you too or via video conferencing. 

Protection of your private information is of an equal priority to us as the provision of quality translations.

Not started selling privately yet? iVendre can help. Check out our how we can do this for you here

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Please feel free to telephone us or send an SMS on +33(0)604481811

To reply to your request quickly, it will help if you provide your telephone number in the main body of your message. We do not share your confidential information and it is our policy not to send you junk mail or text messages. 

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