iVendre provides every customer with two web pages, one in English and one in French. All our property web pages come with many standard features including a full description of your property as you see it, a beautiful slideshow of your photos and maybe a video playing in YouTube, floor plans, a map, a contact form, a printable summary of your web page with a QR code and a unique web link for sharing. Check out an example web page here.

Create your Property for Sale Web Page Online   99€

Prepare your property description and take your photos, register on and then fill in the boxes and upload your photos in our Easy Web Page Creator. You have full control over how your property description looks and the photos displayed. Use our “Getting Prepared” document to help you. Your two great web pages will be done for you for an all-inclusive price of 99€ for one year’s publication.

iVendre Creates your Web Page   149€ 

Send us all the details of your property, photos and a floorplan which is included in this service and we will create your English and French Web Page for you. Your two great web pages will be done for you for an all-inclusive price of 149€ for one year’s publication.

iVendre Personal Visit  199€ 

We are able to visit your property and take photos and measurements for you. We note down all the details of your property too and set up your web page and send it to you to review. We are currently limited to visiting properties within 60km of our base in South Sarthe.

We will build your English and French web pages for you. Click on the button “iVendre visit” on the right. We will contact you to arrange a visit. Your two great web pages will be done for you for an all-inclusive price of 199€ for one year’s publication.

Diagnostics and Notaire Translations

Even with a good knowledge of French, the legal and property law can prove difficult. We understand the French property legal transfer process. iVendre can support you every step of the way through the diagnostic and legal stages by being at the end of a telephone or via Internet Messaging / Video Conferencing services.

When you receive an offer for your property, you will have to have diagnostic surveys done. These are for your property’s environmental performance, off-mains drainage, electrics and gas installations, lead, pollution risks, general ground and locality risks. These will require a visit by a Diagnostics Specialist and reports will arrive both by email and in the post. We provide written translations in English by email.

We can support you from the moment that you need to contact the Notaire with details of the your buyer and the offer they have made. We do translations of the draft Promesse de Vente and the Acte de Vente and we can take part in the Notaire meetings via video / telephone conferencing.

The time taken for this support varies from client to client so we propose a charge of 2.5€ per 5 minutes or part thereof. Please click on the button on the right to contact us about translation support.

If you would like to contact us, click on the link Contact Us