author Selling Your French House

iVendre proposes to:

  • Provide a web page containing the characteristics of your property with photos and, if provided, a video
  • Specifically show:

a detailed description of your property,

20 photos,

a video,

geolocalisation of your property,

               floor plans of your property,

a contact form for future enquiries,

  • Provide a draft of your web page for approval,
  • Provide a link to your page,
  • Provide a QR code of your page link,
  • Ensure that your page is accessible for a period of one year from the date of its publication,
  • Change the price of your property as required (free),
  • Make changes to the content of your web page (subject an extra charge),
  • Notify you of the renewal date of your contract one month in advance,
  • Publish your property on our website and on our Facebook groups,
  • Publish your property for sale on a web site of your choice e.g. Leboncoin (additional charges may apply).
  • Provide advice on how to advertise your property for sale e.g. using your QR code and link.