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Have iVendre create your publicity in English and French to help you to sell your property in France. Check out our example page and you will have an idea about how much more information you can provide to your potential buyers, and importantly, you will be reaching out to private French buyers too!

How does it work?

The process to have iVendre create your house for sale publicity is really straight forward. You simply provide us with as much of the following information as possible, in English, via email or in the post. If you are not sure about how to obtain and / or send some of the information, just contact us and we will guide you through every step of the way. We provide you with a quotation for your publicity based on the number of rooms in your property. Prices for the publicity start from 149€ for up to a 3 bedroom property.

If you do not have the time or are not confident about gathering the right information or taking photos, we can visit and take the burden off your shoulders. You may have to prepare some information ahead of the visit for us and there is a list below to give you a heads up. There is a negotiable limit as to how far we can travel which is included in our quotation.

An added bonus of iVendre creating your property publicity for you is that our qualified valuer will provide you with the current market price for your property. 

Your publicity can include as many photos as you need, your video and/ or 360° virtual visit, a map, and a floor plan and you will receive a dedicated iVendre email service for your potential buyer enquiries.

When we have received your acceptance of our quotation, we will send you our invoice by email, or in the post and we will get started on your publicity straight away. As soon as your payment is received we will send you a draft to check and approve prior to publication. Payment can be by cheque, PayPal or bank transfer. Your contract will be for one year from the date of publication.

Check out our hand-holding service if you would like to be accompanied throughout the sale / purchase process by one of our bilingual experts.

What Information Shall I provide?

A description of each room, outbuilding and grounds – this is where you can provide the detail you want everyone to see about your property. There is a template you can view and print here to help you along.

Dimensions of the rooms in metres taken from a height of 1.8m from the floor (legal requirement).

Total habitable surface area of the property in square metres *.

Surface area of outbuildings in square metres.

Surface area of land in square metres or hectares*.

Year of construction.

Last Taxe Foncière bill.

Energy and environmental diagnostics classifications (DPE Report).

Price you aim to sell at.

Location of the property.

Your contact name and email address for the contact form.

Your digital photos.

Floorplans (if you have any).

A link to a YouTube or other video of your property (if you have one).

A link to your 360° virtual tour (if you have one – check out our complementary service Maison 360)

*You should find these details in your Acte de Vente document.

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