Creating your Web Page

Welcome to iVendre. We recommend that you carefully read this guide so you will then be able to easily create your web page. This guide helps you to provide your potential purchasers with all the details about your property. Please read the Terms and Conditions of Service which state that you must be the owner, or have the permission of the owner of the property to publish it on iVendre.

First, you need to have created your iVendre Account and then Sign In

To do this click on “Sign In / Register” in the client menu (this looks like a head and shoulders on mobile devices).

Click on the Register tab at the top of the box which appears and fill in your details, or, if you have already created an account, simply Log in.

You will receive an email confirming your account creation. Click on Login in the box above and fill in your username and password.

Once you have created your web page it will be submitted for translation by our team. As soon as it is translated, you will receive two emails advising you that the pages have been published and are available on You will receive the web links to your pages in these emails, please keep this safe so you can communicate them to your potential purchasers.


We recommend that you prepare the description of your property before you begin creating your web page. We suggest you use our  Getting Prepared document, which you can save and print. You can then copy and paste in your text when creating your web page online.

It is important to clearly describe each room, outbuilding and the grounds. The potential buyer will then be able to visualise your property from your description and photos. Photos are essential to selling your property. Check our your Support page Taking your Photos.  If you want to add a video, we recommend you check out the guide Upload Your Video to a video service e.g. YouTube, Daily Motion, Vimeo etc.

Create your Web Page!

You have prepared the description of your property and taken your photos. You are now ready to create your web page by clicking on the ‘Create Web Page Now’ button in the main menu above. Once you do this, a separate tab will appear in your web browser. You can return to this tab containing the guidance steps below to help you create your web page, at anytime. 

Guidance Steps


You can save your page to return to it later by clicking on Save Draft. Otherwise click on the arrow Next in the bottom right corner to go to Step 2

If you haven’t completed the creation of your web page, and you have saved it to finish later, you can log out. To access your page again, log on to your account with your username and password and click on “My Web Page” on the main menu, then click on the Action button next to your property and select Edit.

Page being created but not published yet

If you have saved steps during the creation of your web page, click on “Edit” in the “Action” menu to continue.


DPE stands for Diagnostic Performance Enérgetique. Vierge means your property has not been rated for energy performance.  If it has been rated then you can fill in the next step called Energy Consumption. In the box labelled Video Link (URL) paste in the link to your video site. See the Guide Upload your video


You obtain the information about your energy consumption and environmental rating from a report prepared following a visit by a Diagnostics expert. Your Notaire’s office will provide you with the details of who to contact if you need to have this done. Remember we can help you out by doing this for you via our Translation Support services if your French language skills are limited.



Only show the information about your location which you feel is necessary to your potential buyers.


After uploading your photos, you can sort them in the order of your choice by dragging and dropping them. Make sure you click on the Star in the photo you want to be your feature image in the advert on our web site. Then click on Submit Property


Once approved and translated, your web pages will automatically be advertised on our web site You can add the ‘Featured’ Label, for 5€. To take up this option click on “Make Featured”. When you click on Payment, you can pay using your PayPal account. If you do not have a PayPal account, you can still use PayPal to pay with your credit or debit card. 


Click on My Web Page(s) on the main menu to see your web page while it is pending approval. If you see two entries for the same one, this is because you used the Save as Draft option. Do not worry, the earlier draft will be deleted during the approval process.

My web page (s)

Click on the title of your Web Page to view it.

Editing your Web Page

Access your web page by clicking on “My Web Page” on the main menu. To edit, e.g. for a price change, click on the “Action” button.


To access your Profile, click on My Web Page(s) and you will see “My Profile”. Fill in the appropriate boxes here to help your potential purchasers to contact you via the contact forms which will appear on your web pages. You can change your password in here too.