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Why iVendre?

Has your property been on the market for a while with little or no contact from your Estate Agent?

iVendre has helped to generate more worthwhile viewings by interested potential buyers and our clients have sold!

Easily give your potential purchasers more information when they enquire about or view your property.

Promote your property with our help. No agency fees or commission payable by you or your buyer. iVendre is not an estate agency.

How does it work?

You create a web page online or we create it for you.

Use your unique web link and free QR code in response to email enquiries and / or send via SMS.

Receive a free leaflet showing your web link and your free QTR code to hand to potential buyers or place in your local commerce.

Advertise your property on our website and on our Facebook page.

Your potential buyers contact you direct or they can contact us if you need help with translation.

Why not create a second page in another language? We can help!

Your web page

When your web page is published, you and your potential purchasers will see:

a beautiful slideshow of your photos and maybe a video playing in YouTube,

a full description of your property as you see it,

a map showing the location of your property,

a contact form for your potential purchasers,

your unique web link and QR code.

Promote your property online, in newspapers, magazines and organize an Open House event.