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SELLING YOUR HOUSE IN FRANCE? iVendre can help you to create a web page to easily and quickly promote your property online. Use it on social media, in marketplaces, via messages and in emails. When you select Get Started on one of the options below you will create your iVendre account and add the selected option to your account all in one go. 

A FREE WEB PAGE is available for three months from the date of publication and for one year if you choose one of our paid options. We also publish your property on our iVendre social media groups.

A FRENCH WEB PAGE. Creating your own property for sale in France web page is so easy on iVendre. It is our experience that over 80% of our clients who have sold their properties in France have done so to French buyers. It is so important to market your property for sale in French as well as in English. Create your English Web page and we translate it and create your French page for you. 

WEB PAGE CONTENT. Your page can contain: a slideshow of up to 20 photos plus a video, unlimited space for a full description, a map showing the locality of your property, the details of the energy rating, the local property tax amount, items included in the sale, a count of the number of visits to your web page, a contact form for your potential purchasers to fill in, a printable summary with a QR code and a unique web link

HELP TO GET STARTED. We recommend that you read our How to Create your Web Page and other Guides. Links to these will be sent to you by email so you can refer back to them at any time

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