author The virtual estate agency!

Why iVendre?

iVendre enables you to promote the sale of your property to both French and English speaking purchasers. With our help you will sell your property more quickly.

Better inform your potential buyers who may be a long way from the property.

Easily give your potential purchasers more information, in both French and English, when they initially inquire about your property or after a viewing.

iVendre will be there for you to help with translation.

iVendre enhances the services provided by your estate agent and / or helps you sell your property privately.

How does it work?

You can create a web page online yourself or we can create it for you. Example web page.

iVendre publishes a small advert for you on web sites, including our own, and on social networks

Use your unique web link and free QR code in response to email enquiries and / or send via SMS.

Your potential buyers contact you direct or they can contact us if you need help with translation.

Your web page

When your web page is published, you and your potential purchasers will see:

a beautiful slideshow of your photos and maybe a video playing in YouTube,

a full description of your property as you see it,

your floor plans

a map showing the location of your property,

a contact form for your potential purchasers,

your unique web link and QR code.