Sell Your House in France Online

Why iVendre?

Selling your house in France? iVendre can help you to create a web page to easily and quickly promote your property online in either English or French or both. Use it on social media, in marketplaces via messaging and in emails. 

iVendre is not an estate agency, we provide web promotion, property price estimations and translation services.

We do not charge any commission when your property has been sold.

We help with contact conversations and translations from French into English.

You give your potential purchasers more information about your property, ideal for those who will have to travel a long way to see it.

You increase your possibility of selling than if your property is solely with French estate agents.

If you are selling privately, you have the power to negotiate a better price for your property.

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How does it work?

Choose your preferred service from:

Create your house for sale web page online

iVendre creates your house for sale web pages

Help with Notaire and administrative translations

With our help, you prepare all the information you want to give to potential buyers.

Check out the guidance in our Help menu above. There are guides on how to prepare your property for sale, to lay out your information, to take your photos, and, if selected, how to create your web page online.

Your personal online space is created so you can sign in and see your draft web page.

If selected, iVendre translates your web page into French.

When your web page is ready you receive an email and you can check it out and change it.

iVendre can create your web pages for you from the information and photos etc. you provide. To do this complete the form “Getting Prepared” and send it by email or by post or request a visit.

We are readily contactable and respond quickly by email and telephone (see our Contact Us page)

What do I receive?

A FREE English web page for three months plus the option to add one year or 

TWO web pages, one in English and the second in French both published on our iVendre website for one year with your own iVendre email box for enquiries.

Publication on our Facebook Groups, French and English.

A dedicated link for each web page to share by email, text, on social networks and other web sites.

Help to publish your advert in French on Leboncoin which lasts for two months.

Help to publish your advert on UK “Property for Sale” websites.

Your web pages show:

no third-party publicity to mess up your page,

a full description of your property as you see it,

a slideshow of your photos (up to 40),

your video playing in YouTube,

your floor plans (depends on option selected),

a map showing the location of your property,

a contact form,

a printable summary of your web page with a QR code,

a counter showing how many times your page has been visited.

Check out an example web page here.

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